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Our Story

Craftware Pottery originated in Milford,Nebraska. The company moved to Lincoln, Nebraska in the early 70's and relocated to our current home in Omaha, Nebraska in 2001. In the early years of Craftware Pottery, the selection of products was much smaller than the buying options of today. The primary products offered were Crockery and Pottery options from the Robinson Ransbottom and Zanesville Factories in Ohio and Standard and Decorative Clay items from Texas. The old warehouse location at 19th and Q streets in Lincoln is now a part of the Antelope Valley Development Project for the City of Lincoln.

Our company has come a long way from hand drawings printed on colored paper for catalogs to our new printed and digital catalogs. Our warehouse size has quadrupled from the old location in Lincoln and we now offer items from many countries all around the world. We travel to factories and trade shows around the world in search of new pieces to carry.

Some of our employees at Craftware have been with us for more than 30 years and we still have customers that have been doing business with us for this same period of time or longer in some cases. We value the working relationships and trust that have been developed with our loyal customers and look forward to growing our business with new customers and friends in the future.